21 of Our Favorite Type 1 Diabetes Blogs of 2019 – How to Manage Your Diabetes

Dealing with sort 1 diabetes might be troublesome. Nevertheless, figuring out others are on the market experiencing the identical challenges could make the street ahead a little less lonely.

In that spirit, Diabetes Self-Management has picked 21 blogs either by or written about those with sort 1 diabetes. All of these blogs are up to date commonly apart from one, which we included because the content is just too informative, inspirational and strong to ignore. Did we miss your favorite weblog? Tell us!

Nerdy April isn’t your typical sort 1 diabetes blog. It’s writer, April Blackwell, is a spouse, mother, aerospace engineer, NASA Flight Controller and astronaut hopeful. Yes, she actually is a rocket scientist. April invites readers into her fascinating world – at one level in her profession she was flying experimental Military helicopters – providing a behind-the-scenes take a look at what life is like for someone with sort 1 diabetes, who also occurs to work at NASA.

Pull up a seat at the Diabetic’s Nook Booth, Mike Hoskins irreverent and candid weblog. Launched in 2007, this weblog is a peek contained in the on a regular basis life of its writer – a 40-something husband, canine owner, journalist, film buff and “huge fan of coffee and conversation.” Relatable and down-to-Earth, this blog lives up to its identify.

Kelly Kunik is tackling sort 1 diabetes with a healthy dose of humor. An advocate and writer, Kunik says her “busted pancreas” has grow to be her biggest power and biggest ardour. She is the daughter, sister, niece, cousin and aunt of somebody with sort 1 diabetes. Sadly, she misplaced a sister, Debbie, to problems from diabetes in 1991. Comply with along as Kunik chronicles her advocacy efforts with humor and elegance in the face of adversity.

Stick With It Sugar is written in a breezy, encouraging tone by Christina, a mom of three youngsters who have been all recognized with sort 1 diabetes earlier than the age 12. Her posts are musings on parenting, advocacy work and “babblings about life with diabetes experienced from a mom’s point of view.” The truth is, Christina lately returned to running a blog. Her latest publish – “Where Did Everyone Go?” – ponders why many of her fellow diabetes bloggers have stopped writing.

Heartfelt and interesting, the award-winning Our Diabetic Life is written by Meri Schumacher, mom to 4 boys, three of whom have sort 1 diabetes. She shares her family’s hopes in posts that show there’s mild at the finish of the tunnel for others with sort 1 diabetes. From worrying about her son’s Dexcom numbers to overcoming her husband’s passing, Meri writes Our Diabetic Life with an inviting sense of honesty.

Scott Okay. Johnson was recognized with sort 1 diabetes in 1980, but started journaling about is life with the disease for family and friends only in 2000. He started Scott’s Diabetes weblog in 2004 for the world at giant. One of the first to be a part of diabetes online group, Scott is ceaselessly cited as having one of the perfect blogs round. Informal yet informative, this weblog options his travels, critiques, ideas, and musings – all with a give attention to gratitude and help.

‘Type 1 Writes is a considerate weblog by Frank Sita, a 20-year-old Australian who was recognized with sort 1 diabetes in 2010. Presently a freelance author and scholar, Frank shares clinic visits, the ups and downs of blood sugar monitoring, making necessary selections relating to his well being and far more. A gifted author, Frank typically writes articles that read more like brief tales than blog posts.

Scott Benner, father, husband and writer of “Life is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad”, writes that Arden’s Day, is an “honest, transparent and not always pretty” blog about his daughter. Arden was recognized with sort 1 diabetes as a 2-year-old in 2006. Scott launched Arden’s Day in 2007 hoping that it’d help mother and father like himself. Scott offers tales about treating sort 1 diabetes, news, know-how updates and far more. Thoughtfully written and superbly designed, that is one blog you spend some time testing.

JDRF ambassador and Diabetes UK volunteer Ellie Huckle started My Bitter Sweet Life With Type 1 Diabetes in June 2009 as a 15-year-old. Ellie, who is now 22, shares her frustrations dwelling with sort 1 on her blog. Ellie, who lives in London, also hopes to inform individuals what it’s like to reside with sort 1 diabetes, particularly as a young adult. In a current publish, she displays on the previous 10 years and the way being an advocate has changed her life.

Father, actor, producer and advocate Tom Karlya has been lively in diabetes causes since 1992. That yr, his daughter, Kaitlyn, was recognized with sort 1 diabetes at the age of 2. His son Ron was recognized with sort 1 diabetes in 2009 on the age of 13. He’s written the award-winning Diabetes Dad blog over the past 10 years while serving in a spread of high-profile roles, together with vice chairman of the Diabetes Analysis Institute Foundation. That is one well-regarded blog.

Professional and thorough, Diabetes Tales is written by Riva Greenberg, a leading professional on flourishing with diabetes. While her blog covers issues associated to diabetes (not simply sort 1), it made our listing for the big variety of news, notes, encouragement and uplifting stories she consists of from around the globe. It gained the 2015 Lecture Award for diabetes schooling and advocacy by the Worldwide Diabetes Federation World Congress.

A mother of two and volunteer with Diabetes Ireland, Gráinne Flynn was recognized with sort 1 diabetes in 1993 as a 20-year-old. On the time, she says diabetes schooling didn’t exist in Ireland, her residence. For six years she admits to “coasting” when it came to managing her diabetes. Then she met her husband. “He asked where I could find information about my diabetes because he wanted me around for a long, long time,” says Flynn. She writes about dealing with sort 1 diabetes with honesty and humor.

Leighann Calentine’s diabetes story started in 2008 after her Three-year-old daughter was recognized with sort 1 diabetes. Since then Leighann has gathered together assets she wishes she had entry to at first of her family’s journey. D-Mom Weblog is informative and encompasses a selection of info resembling Widespread Diabetes terms, Snack Meals (together with carb counts) Dining Out and lots of extra.

Tim Brand started the Bleedingfinger Weblog in 2011 after two of his 4 youngsters have been recognized with sort 1 diabetes. One, Audi, was recognized at age Three in 2009 and another, Riss, was recognized in 2011. He says the second analysis utterly modified his family’s mission. The overwhelming constructive response the weblog created caught him abruptly. Earnest and thoughtful, Bleedingfinger Weblog doesn’t draw back from the difficulties of managing sort 1 diabetes.

Diabetogenic, by Renza Scibilia, is for anybody who needs to study more concerning the reality of someone dwelling a “somewhat” mundane life with sort 1 diabetes. With healthy doses of wit and wisdom, Renza’s blog is intended for those dwelling with diabetes, mother and father of youngsters who have diabetes and anybody else in search of a glimpse into the life of somebody dealing with the disease gracefully.

Written by the mom 14-year-old woman who has sort 1 diabetes and celiac disease, T1D and Gluten-Free comes with a disclaimer: “Warning: If you read this blog you may learn more than you ever cared to know about both.” The double analysis arrived in 2013 and since then the family has been going about its day by day actions with insulin, diabetic supplies and many of gluten-free snacks in tow. This blog showcases the balancing act one family undertakes while caring for a child with two difficult illnesses.

Sadly, Kerri Morrone Sparling stopped posting to her blog, Six Till Me, in Might 2019. It’s too dangerous, actually, as a result of she wrote with clarity and compassion about motherhood and life as someone with sort 1 diabetes. Recognized in 1986, she writes that she was the only diabetic she knew for a very long time. In 2005 she launched her weblog “because I was tired of Googling ‘diabetes’ and coming up with little more than a list of complications and frightening stories.” She was one of the primary of a handful to start running a blog about diabetes in the mid-2000s. Now, she says she’s wanting forward to a brand new chapter and continues to be writing for her new blog, Small tales.

Mike LeBlanc’s weblog is about far more than being a father or mother of a toddler with sort 1 diabetes. And whereas his publish’s do touch on that, it isn’t that sole focus of his writing. LeBlanc writes with raw honesty about critical medical and mental health issues he’s worked by means of and continues to work via, all while sustaining a sense of hope.

This blog, written by a mom of three boys, one of whom has sort 1 diabetes, is conversational and fun, providing a glimpse into the life of an lively Australian household. The nameless writer notes that: “In 2013 I became a mum to Type 1 diabetes too! It’s not my disease but it figures big in my life. I want my child to be all he can be and live a wonderful life with Type 1 diabetes.”

A Candy Grace is known as for Grace, a now 16-year-old who was recognized with sort 1 diabetes in 2009 on the age of 6. Grace’s mom, Penny, began blogging that very same yr and lately appeared back on the last decade, marveling at how a lot her daughter has completed. “So, to the 6 year old Grace, who I thought was shattered by this diagnosis and would never do the things she wanted to…I want to say something. You should see her now. She’s glorious.”

Karen Graffeo acquired her sort 1 diabetes analysis in 1979 as an 11-year-old. In. 2008, she started her blog, Bitter-Sweet Diabetes the place she writes about her struggles in managing the disease. Nevertheless, her blog’s tagline sums up nicely the tone of Bitter-Sweet: “Life with diabetes isn’t all bad.” Graffeo hasn’t posted since 2017, however there’s lots of material to comb via until she returns. And sure, at first of this publish (thanks for studying it all!) we all know we stated all of these blogs have been up to date frequently. But we wouldn’t have made it to 21 without this one.

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